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If you’re reading this, you might be looking to get to know me a little better.


I am a photographer & creator by trade, but no bio about me would be complete without the mention of my passions for running, hiking, armchair coaching NFL football games, sitting on the beach, and puppy raising for Canine Companions. 

I have always enjoyed being a storyteller and while it may have began with a creative version of what happened to my homework for Sister Rita in the first grade, my storytelling has evolved into a profession I am passionate about. In my 20+ years of professional photography, I have learned to manipulate light, sync flash speeds, and drag shutters but perhaps the most important thing I have learned is to watch and listen to the world around me. This is when photography magic happens!

It's been said that a photograph has the power to convey a thousand words. However, what often goes unmentioned is that, as we accumulate more of these snapshots, they gradually evolve into the narrative of our lives—a collection of moments we cherish.  Life is an ever-shifting panorama, and it's remarkably effortless to overlook the experiences we've journeyed through as we cast our hopes towards the future.


My passion lies in capturing people and the events that shape their lives.  If you are asking yourself why choose Jackie over another talented photographer? The answer is simple, discover for yourself how my passion and dedication to remain successful in a talented, diverse, and competitive medium makes me unique!

You can find more of my personal photography work on Instagram @my_other_angle

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