The Worst Dates To Get Married

Watch out for these dates that could cost you more money or hinder your guest attendance!

worst wedding dates

Unless your wedding is in a sports bar avoid Super Bowl Sunday! Even if you and your partner are not football fans the Super Bowl has become an unofficial American holiday!

Friday the 13th - There are two this year - April and July . Every marriage should start off with good luck!

Religious holidays - Easter, Passover, Rosh Hashanah etc... even if you do not observe the holiday your guest count could suffer

Labor Day weekend - most kids are heading back to school the Tuesday after and this is the official end of summer - guest count could suffer

Thanksgiving Weekend - This one could cost you a lot of money. Most traveling cost are higher during this period and travel is hectic and chaotic. Venues and vendors may also charge more for significant holidays such as Thanksgiving and New Years Eve.

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